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Purpose of the Course
The reigns of the Tudor kings and queens (1485-1603) encompass a number of the most revolutionary changes in British history: the spread of capitalism, the advent of the Protestant Reformation, the beginnings of the Renaissance, the growth of nationalism. Because these developments did not affect people in every social, religious, and economic stratum equally, contemporaries and historians have often evaluated the same events or individuals quite differently. Sometimes it is as important to know what people thought had happened as it is to discover what actually did happen. By comparing different perspectives of historical personages of the Tudor Age, the class will illustrate some of the complexities of the historical process.

Robert Bucholz and Newton Key, Early Modern England 1485-1714: A Narrative History
Robert Bucholz and Newton Key (ed.), Sources and Debates in English History 1485-1714
Richard Sylvester (ed.), Two Early Tudor Lives
William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII
Carole Levin, The Heart and Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power
Lara E. Eakins, Tudor England https://tudorhistory.org/

All readings are required and should be completed by the dates indicated in the syllabus.

Exams and Quizzes
There will be a midterm examination and a comprehensive final.  Exams will be part essay and part short answer and will cover the historical interpretations of major personalities, events, and ideas raised in the lectures and readings.  Quizzes will be given on book discussion days.

Each student will be required to write a 10 - 15 page, typed research paper analyzing various contemporary and historical treatments of a Tudor ruler, politician or courtier, cultural figure, or religious leader. See paper worksheet for details on format and content. Papers are due at the beginning of class on April 20. Late papers will be marked down 10 points for each day late.

Paper Presentation
Students will present the highlights of their papers to the class during the last two weeks of the semester. See presentation worksheet for details on format and content.

Class Participation and Attendance
Class attendance and participation improve discussions (and your grade).  Since the two lowest quiz grades will be dropped, there will be no make-ups for quizzes. An excuse from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will be needed to make up exams. Seven points will be subtracted from your attendance grade for each unexcused absence (royal policy no longer allows offenders to be hung, drawn, and quartered). Please feel free to ask questions in class or by e-mail or to come by my office if you are uncertain about material in the lectures or readings.

Final grades will be based on a weighted average of the midterm (20 percent), class participation, attendance, and quizzes (20 percent), presentation (15 percent), paper (25 percent), and final examination (20 percent).  All assignments will be given numerical scores which will be evaluated as follows:  A = 90 - 100; B+ = 86 - 89; B = 80 - 85; C+ = 76 - 79; C = 70 - 75; D = 60 - 69; F = 0 - 59.

Daily Assignments
Readings should be completed by the day indicated for discussion.

Jan 10     Course Introduction

Jan 12     The Social and Economic Order
Bucholz and Key 1-30; Sources and Debates 1-19
Lecture Outline

Jan 17      Wars of the Roses?
Bulcholz and Key 31-41
Lecture Outline

Jan 19      Henry VII and the New Monarchy
Bucholz and Key 41-52; Sources and Debates 20-43
Lecture Outline

Jan 24     Young Henry VIII
Bucholz and Key 52-62; start reading Sylvester
Lecture Outline

Jan 26     The King's Great Matter
Bucholz and Key 63-87; Presentation/Paper Topics Due
Lecture Outline

Jan 31     Discuss: The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey
Sylvester vii-97

Feb 2      Discuss: The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey
Sylvester 97-193

Feb 7     Discuss: The Life of Sir Thomas More
Sylvester 197-254


Feb 14     Film: King Henry VIII
Shakespeare Acts I-II

Feb 16     Film: King Henry VIII
Shakespeare III-V

Feb 21     Discuss: Henry VIII
Shakespeare I-V

Feb 23       Edward VI, the Protectorship, and Protestantism
Bucholz and Key 88-103;
Lecture Outline

Feb 28       Mary Tudor: Catholic Heroine or Bloody Mary?
Bucholz and Key 104-111;
Lecture Outline

March 2      Film: Elizabeth R: The Lion's Cub


Mar 14      Young Elizabeth
Bucholz and Key 112-128
Lecture Outline

Mar 16      The Old Church Defended and Attacked
Sources and Debates 44-71

Mar 21     Bedchamber Politics?  Film: Elizabeth R: The Marriage Game
https://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/elizabeth1.html#Response to a Delegation on her Marriage
https://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/elizabeth1.html#Response to Parliamentary Delegation

Mar 23      Discuss: The Heart and Stomach of a King
Levin 1-90

Mar 28      Discuss: The Heart and Stomach of a King
Levin 90-172

Mar 30      Elizabethan Iconography
Outline of Lecture; Link to Portraits

Apr 4        The English Renaissance; Film: Muse of Fire
Bucholz and Key 194-200

Apr 6      The Catholic Cause
Bucholz and Key 128-144
https://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/elizabeth1.html#On  Religion
Lecture Outline

Apr 11     The End of an Era?  England in 1603
Bucholz and Key 144-193; Sources and Debates 72-103
https://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/elizabeth1.html#The Farewell Speech, 1601

Apr 13      Paper Presentations

Apr 18      Paper Presentation

Apr 20      Paper Presentations

Apr 29        FINAL EXAMINATION, 8-11 a.m.