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Purpose of the Course
Gender is an important component of historical analysis.  A separate examination of the female experience not only enables us to preserve the distinct contributions of women to the American heritage, but it also forces us to reexamine the ways in which gender intersects with race, class, ethnicity, and region in explaining political, economic, and social developments in the United States.

Required Readings
Woloch, Women and the American Experience: A Concise History (2nd ed.)
Norton, Major Problems in American Women's History (3rd ed.)
Akers, Abigail Adams (3rd ed.)
Painter, Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol
Chalberg, Emma Goldman: American Individualist
American Life Histories
Reading assignments should be completed on the date indicated for discussion in the syllabus.

Analytical Paper
Every student will be required to write a 10 to 15 page paper analyzing a biography of a woman in the United States. First focus on the life of the individual portrayed. How does the author describe the gender identities, roles, and relations of the subject and her family and friends? How does this individual compare to other women you have studied in the course? Then, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the biography as a historical source on women and gender. You should consider such things as the bias (perspective) of the author, the types of sources consulted (and not consulted), and the impression of the individual that emerges from the narrative. Do certain topics seem to be ignored or overemphasized? How successfully does the author convey the personality whose life is delineated in the biography?

Tests, Quizzes and Examinations
There will be a midterm examination and a comprehensive final.  Questions will be both short answer (multiple-choice, fill-in, true-false) and essay.  In addition, there will be quizzes and group worksheets on daily readings.  Since I drop the lowest grade, NO MAKE-UPS will be given for quizzes.  A medical excuse and/or note from the Dean of Students will be required to make up examinations.

Class Participation and Discussion
Much of the historical material on women and gender is very provocative, and you will want to discuss the individuals and ideas introduced in the readings.  You cannot do this if you are a) absent, b) asleep, or c) unprepared.  Both the quality and the quantity of your remarks will be considered when computing class participation grades (i.e., you do not get "points" for talking on a subject when you have not read the assignment).  Attendance will be taken daily, and seven points will be subtracted from your attendance grade for each unexcused absence.  If you must miss class for a college function, please let me know BEFORE the event. Please feel free to ask questions in class or by e-mail or to come by my office any time.  This is my specialty -- I love talking about it!

Final grades will be calculated by averaging the scores on the paper, midterm examination, quizzes and class participation, and final examination. The following grading scale will be used: 92-100 = A; 90-91.9 = A-; 87-89.9 = B+; 82-86.9 = B; 80-81.9 = B-; 77-79.9 = C+; 72-76.9 = C; 70-71.9 = C-; 67-69.9 = D+; 62-66.9 = D; 60-61.9 = D-; 0- 59.9 = F.


Aug 22    Course Introduction; Gender as a Historical Construct
Norton & Alexander: 1 - 19

Aug 24    Native American Women
Norton & Alexander:  20 - 48

Aug 29    The British Heritage
Woloch: 1 - 32

Aug 31     "Separate and Unequal":  Race, Gender, and the Law
Woloch: 36-48

Sep 5    Film: A Midwife's Tale
Norton & Alexander: 54 - 68

Sep 7    Film: A Midwife's Tale

Sep 12    From Indigo to Innocence: Women in South Carolina Agriculture

Sep 14    Discuss: Abigail Adams
Akers: ix - 104

Sep 19    Discuss: Abigail Adams
Akers: 105 - 230

Sep 21     The American Revolution and New Republic
Woloch: 48 - 64
Norton & Alexander: 69 - 100

Sep 26    Women's Nature and Sphere
Woloch: 71 - 89
Norton & Alexander: 101 - 131


Oct 3   Enslaved and Slaveholding Women
Norton & Alexander: 132 - 159

Oct 5    Women and Reform; Film: Rebel Hearts
Text:  Woloch 109-137

Oct 10     Discuss: Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol
Painter: 3 - 148

Oct 12    Discuss: Sojourner Truth: A Life, A Symbol
Painter: 151 - 343

Oct 17    The Civil War and After; Film: Women in American Life
Woloch: 142 - 152
Norton & Alexander: 160 - 185

Oct 19    Westward Expansion; Film: The West, Pt. 2
Woloch 94 - 99, 152 - 155
Norton & Alexander: 187 - 211

Oct 24   Immigrants, Cities and Working "Girls"
Woloch: 155 - 173

Oct 26    The New Woman
Woloch: 180 - 211

Oct 31    College Women and "Race Suicide"
Norton & Alexander: 285 - 327

Nov 2    Women's Suffrage; Film: One Woman, One Vote
Woloch: 219 - 251


Nov 9    Discuss: Emma Goldman
Chalberg: vii - 99   

Nov 14    Discuss: Emma Goldman
Chalberg: 100 - 188   

Nov 16     Women and the Depression
Norton & Alexander: 329 - 356

Nov 21     Women in World War II
Woloch: 321 - 335
Norton & Alexander: 358 - 392


Nov 28    Women and Social Protest
Woloch: 342 - 378
Norton & Alexander: 427 - 474

Nov 30     Women in Contemporary America
Woloch: 386 - 418